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Retotalling / Revaluation

Recounting is permitted to UG/M.Phil. students who apply for re-totalling within the stipulated period of time on payment of the prescribed fee.
Revaluation is permitted only UG &M.Phil Students the papers written in regular examinations and not for arrear examinations.
The students are also entitled to get photocopies of their Answer Scripts on request and on payment of the prescribed fee. Fees and other details regarding re-totalling, revaluation, photocopies of Answer Scripts can be had at the office of the Controller of Examinations.
A student has the right to appeal in writing to the Controller of Examinations for retotalling of his marks or a revaluation of the entire paper within ten full days after his/her receipt of the computerised printouts of marks in the departments. Fees prescribed according to the rules currently in force in the College will have to be paid.

March 22, 2017

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