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Online Question Bank

Question bank system has been implemented on pilot basis for about 100 courses from 2014 onwards and was overwhelmingly accepted by various stake holders as it was error free, non-repetitive and qualitative. Questions will be collected from course teachers, students and subject experts and will be carefully vetted by senior Professors in the concerned field. Questions will be digitally stored in our computer server against each module in the syllabus with various cognitive and difficulty levels. Also, those questions will be classified into various competency levels as Easy, Standard and challenging. The bank will have a minimum of 5 times of questions required for a question paper. A computer software is in place to develop print-ready question papers instantly by random selection method in a balanced manner adopting various difficulty and cognitive level parameters ensuring that no questions are repeated. This question bank will be totally foolproof and futuristic to implement paperless examinations, anytime examinations and student-centered exam timetables etc.

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